2022 Run for the Rose

Glen Rosa Gangs Up On Cancer

Glen Rosa GANGS Up On Cancer

Please join us to help raise awareness and support for the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation, and honor the memory of Nicholas Down and Kenneth Neighbors.

The Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation supports brain cancer research and pediatric health initiatives in Houston.

The unwavering support from donors to the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation has enabled the foundation to give more than $6.5 million over the past 17 years. Funds remain in Houston and are used immediately to enhance patient care.

  • Clinical trials are started and expanded.
  • Treatments are expedited from the laboratory to the patient.
  • Brain cancer patients do not have the luxury of time.

Researchers receive immediate funding rather than waiting months or years. Our funds have led to extended survival for many patients.

Your donation truly is a gift of life!

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