2020 Run for the Rose

In Loving Memory of our Heroes, Ryan Hegefeld & Sean Gamino
In Loving Memory of our Heroes, Ryan Hegefeld & Sean Gamino

BattleRS- Team Ryan + Team Sean

Welcome to our Team BattleRS! This will be our 8th year participating in the Run for the Rose benefiting Brain Cancer Research. It has been one year since we lost both our Heroes, Ryan Hegefeld (37 years old) to GBM and Sean Gamino (13 years old) to DIPG. We will continue to fight for a cure in their memory. This cause meant so much to Ryan and one day we hope to find a cure for others who will be diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Ryan and Sean will forever and always live on in our hearts and we will always fight on for them.




We look forward to seeing everyone March 29.

Rachel, Landon & Logan Hegefeld

Jayden Gamino, Juanita & Jake Medve



Please join me in my efforts to support the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation!

The unwavering support from donors to the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation has enabled the foundation to give more than $6.5 million over the past 17 years. Funds remain in Houston and are used immediately to enhance patient care.

  • Clinical trials are started and expanded.
  • Treatments are expedited from the laboratory to the patient.
  • Brain cancer patients do not have the luxury of time.

Researchers receive immediate funding rather than waiting months or years. Our funds have led to extended survival for many patients.

Your donation truly is a gift of life!

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